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The Winter Dining Experience at Four Seasons Silicon Valley

Updated: Aug 28, 2020


In the heart of one of the world’s leading centers of innovation and technology, you’ll find the modern and sun-filled Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto.


Made for time-zone hopping travelers, their 24 hour dining service offers an intimate in-room meal (even when we arrive at 10pm). We go for the short rib burger with aged cheddar cheese and the Turkey Club, complete with apple wood smoked bacon and basil mayo. A glass of pinot noir to relax after the long drive — and a vanilla bean cheesecake to split — is a blissful indulgence.


The next morning, we visit [esc] for coffee and pastries. The morning beverages come from the Slayer Espresso machine, which costs roughly the same as a new car. The roast comes from Caffé Umbria, a place we used to visit in downtown Portland when we were craving a cup of authentic and good Italian coffee. And the syrups are beautifully handcrafted from ingredients like pureed pumpkin and peppermint.

Chef Eric Kepler’s assorted case of pastries, scones, and breads is an art piece. And we pair our seasonal pumpkin pie and peppermint lattes with his blueberry muffin whose plump, fresh berries ooze out when it’s split in half. We have a raspberry knot, dusted with a hue of magenta. And a slice of morning bread.


That evening, we experience Quattro, Mediterranean fare with a California spin — inspired by Italian recipes and crafted with hyperlocal ingredients of the area. Welcome to the evening’s feast, which begins with a roasted heirloom carrot salad to share — made with arugula, castelfranco radicchio, pickled gold beets, meyer lemon vinaigrette, and marcona almonds. The pasta portions are delicately created with homemade noodles and served in small portions, so you can try a few. We indulge in a sampling of two before our entrees make their way to the table. The Rigatoni Al Pomodoro has cherry tomatoes, cultured butter, and torched burrata. The Ancho Pepper Pappardelle Al Cinghiale is made with wild boar ragu, cocoa, and fiore sardo pecorino — a raw, hard cheese made on the Italian island of Sardinia. We decide to try the truffle risotto, too, which has white alba truffles that are shaved paper thin over the creamy acquerello, an aged rice from Italy.

For entrees, we go for the Mediterranean Branzino which is simple and elegant, pan roasted with grilled lemon, sea salt, and extra virgin olive oil. And the Snake River Farms Wagu Tenderloin, served with butter poached white asparagus, sautéed rainbow chard, and veal chianti sauce.

We’re stuffed, so we twirl a seasonal flute of champagne and Chambord with a sprig a rosemary. Then comes dessert, a masterpiece of Greek yogurt mousse, fig and huckleberry compote, balsamic candied nuts, and walnut cake — appropriately named Burrata Be Kidding Me.


The following day, we saunter down for breakfast of crème brûlée French toast, avocado toast, mugs of hot coffee, and fresh juice. The avocado toast has tahini, cucumber, crushed red pepper flakes, drizzled olive oil, and a beautiful poached egg on sourdough bread. And the French toast is a magical performance of fromage blanc, vanilla bread pudding, cinnamon pear sauce, and Q granola.


In the evening, it’s the event we’ve been waiting for. We step into the outdoor lounge meets cozy mountainside retreat known as Après — a limited time pop-up experience.

While the snow falls, we share a Spiked Hot Cocoa with Tullermore Irish Whiskey and green chartreuse. And a Cabin Fever with Hendrick’s gin, port wine, orange peel, pineapple chunks, sugar, clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

There’s a fireside movie on the projector and a plate of decadent Whistler Poutine with French fries, cheese curds, and gravy in front of us. Next is the Megève French onion soup — named after a ski resort village in the Alps of southeastern France and made with sourdough bread, comté cheese, and cognac. We end the savory experience with Gruyère cheese fondue, a cubed baguette, cornichons, and pickled baby onions.

If there was room for dessert, we’d enjoy the signature s’mores with house-made graham crackers, house-made vanilla bean marshmallows, and chocolate bars. But instead, we opt to sit back with a glass of warm Mountainside Mulled Wine with its winter scent of cinnamon sticks, cloves, berries, star anise, dried orange, and candied lemon zest — relishing in the winter wonderland and the snow-kissed feelings of Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto.

Thank you to Malia & the entire Four Seasons team for the beautiful 'overnight' experience. To learn more about Four Seasons Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto, visit their website or check them out on Instagram.


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