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A Work In Progress...

In August 2016, inspired by the idea that food binds humanity and creates community -- we set out on a 15,000 mile, 100 day journey around America.

From a beekeeper chef pushing boundaries with a hive-to-table concept at a Hilton hotel in the suburbs of Chicago, to a renowned cider maker preserving ancient apple varieties in rural New York, to a passionate once-homeless immigrant turned six-time James Beard Award finalist in Houston -- our mission was to dive deeply into the stories of some of the most influential chefs, farmers, winemakers, distillers and culinary artists around America.

The Art of Feeding 

The Route

Thank You To Our Supporters & Partners!


nossa familia coffee

Anne Attinger

Jim Walberg & Ann Marie Nugent

Tiki Tony & Alene Murphy

Debra Schultz 

Wynnette Nichols

Rennie & Dolores Murphy

Anthony Nigro

Chef Justin Carlisle (of Ardent & Red Light Ramen)

Diane and Jim Reifert (in collaboration with  Jim Thomas)

What People Are Saying...

"I think Nick and Bay are wonderful. Every photo, lovingly prepared post and story are filled with their personal committment to helping people see the beauty and value of time spent with cuisine, family, and friends near and far. They also embody the true entrepreneurial let's donate to this gifted PDX startup!"

- Ronda Closner, curator of DeskHub

"Two of the sweetest and most talented people I know, Nick and Bay, are looking to release another amazing cookbook and culinary adventure. Check [it out] and support these lovely people." 

- Annie Proctor, Annie's Gluten Free Grub

"Nick and Bay of comewecreate are two warm-hearted souls who have no doubt lived a thousand lives before this one. They've got a great project to travel, write and create magic for their second book. To them, cooking is a vehicle for connecting family, friends and the local environment."

- Tiki Tony Murphy, Artist  

"Our good friends and longtime waffle lovers, comewecreate, are doing some amazing things with their project, The Art of Feeding. [...] Help them travel America, so they can help feed America and share the way that food builds community across our nation. Great job, Nick and Bay! We love you."

- Off the Waffle

"Nick & Bay are two exceptionally talented (cooks, caterers, photographers & authors) with a passion for food and all the benefits that a well-cooked meal shared amongst good company can bring. Folks that dare to lay everything on the line to pursue their passion / art should be supported as much as possible. It's these talents that they seek to share that make the world so much more interesting and beautiful."

- Matt Nugent

"Nick and Bay are awesome people and true culinary artists! If you want to invest in a great project started by two great people, here's your chance!"

- Terri Rosser Drury

"The love, passion and incredible meals that these two execute in their daily lives is mirrored in their work as photographers in the kitchen and on the road. PLEASE do yourself a favor, grab a snack, and take a peek at what the duo of comewecreate are working towards in their next adventure."

- Kaelin Cassidy, Artist

"So proud of Nick & Bay for standing up for a cause that is so important to them, to the people in the street, to America, and the world!"

- Anthony Nigro

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